green book

The book, Eureka: An Architectural View (also known as the "Green Book"), was published in 1987 by the Eureka Heritage Society. The Acknowledgement, and Foreword to the book, which can be read in their entirety by clicking on the links below, describes why this monumental project was undertaken in the first place, and its importance for the future. 

Also accessable by a link below is a description of the survey process itself.  It tells of the twelve years of dedicated work by a group of volunteers, the photography of some 10,000 structures by Milton Phegley, and the work involved in narrowing this down to 1,500 structures for final field work.

Following are some sample pages from this 267 page book. This should give an idea of what a monumental work this is, and why it should be must reading for every dedicated preservationist.

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Sample Pages from the Green Book
 copyright 1987 by the Eureka Heritage Society. 


To order the Green Book, which costs only $33 including shipping and handling (cash or check only), please either e-mail

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The Eureka Heritage Society is interested in updating and making corrections to the Survey Files. Forms A and B are available HERE on the EHS web site and in the Humboldt Room of the County Library. The forms need to be returned to the Eureka Heritage Society at: PO Box 1354 Eureka, California.